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One of my last projects made me write this entry – I was writing for the client an EA, which used a non-standard indicator and required a lookback of tens of bars into the past.

When backtesting in visual mode in MetaTrader, everything was all right and nothing indicated what was to come. However, running optimization turned out to be a killer for computer resources

Of course, the tests ran well, but during them the computer was completely unusable.

So my advise for all users of two-core processor computers, who want to optimize their resource-greedy EAs and work at their computers at the same time: assign one core for MetaTrader and the second keep for youself :)

How to do this? It’s very simple: We open the Task Manager, go to the Processes tab, find the terminal.exe process, click it with the right button and select Set Colligation option. Then, in a window that appears, we select only one processor.

There is also a way to force MetaTrader to start on one core from the beginning. We create new file in a notepad and write:

start /affinity [core] [path to terminal.exe]

We save it under any name with the .bat extension. Running this file will run MetaTrader with colligation set to specified core (numbered from zero).

Of course, this advice can be used for any process, which causes computer to work slowly.

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