FxCraft Tick Chart

FxCraft Tick Chart
  • Draws a tick chart
  • Ask and Bid prices
  • Shows a new bar
  • Overview of all prices
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FxCraft Tick Chart indicator draws ticks for the chart symbol in the indicator window.

FxCraft tick chart v1.1

This indicator should be able to draw many windows with tick data simultanously, what is not possible on MetaTrader platform by default.

At the beginning of the new bar the indicator draws a dot.

Licence FxCraft Tick Chart

Product features  

  • Indicator can’t draw ticks for historical data (MetaTrader technical constraint). The way it works is collecting ticks while operating and drawing them.
  • In case of disconnecting or changing the account, the indicator draws big jumps.
  • Indicator buffers are cleared after its reinitialization.

Installation and configuration  

Installation: Copy the indicator to the subfolder /experts/indicators of  the MetaTrader folder.

The indicator doesn’t need any configuration. After adding it to the chart, it starts collecting and drawing ticks.

Change log  

Version 1.1

  • Indicator draws a dot at the beginning of the new bar.


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