FxCraft Volume Levels

FxCraft Volume Levels
  • Support and resistance levels
  • Connect volume with price
  • Separate volume for the Ask and Bid prices
  • Draw a histogram of the selected time interval
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FxCraft Volume Levels is a very useful indicator that clearly shows the volume (both demand and supply) that corresponds to particular prices. The volume is tested in a selected time frame and calculated in real time.

FxCraft Volume Levels 01The indicator allows you to read relevant information which is not provided by the existing tools. The indicator perfectly reflects prices used for concluding significant transactions for large sums, which is why you can immediately see how big money behaves. It thus determines support and resistance levels in a natural way. This is crucial information allowing you to make wise decisions when trading.

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Product features  

The indicator is drawn directly on the price chart as a horizontal histogram. The height of each bar corresponds to the volume of transactions concluded at a given price. At each level, there is a red bar for the volume at the BID price, and a green bar for the volume at the ASK price.

FxCraft Volume Levels 02In addition, an moving average with the selected period from a volume value is drawn on the histogram separately for the BID and ASK prices. In calculated local maxima, horizontal lines are drawn to clearly indicate price range with the greatest local volume. The minimum distance between the drawn maxima can be set by the user.

The drawn volume is examined from each tick, which is why the indicator is very accurate and reliably reflects reality.

FxCraft Volume Levels indicator not only draws the histogram based on historical data starting with the set date, but also updates bar sizes in real time, deriving data from upcoming ticks.

When launching the indicator, set the start date (“Start time” parameter) to specify the time from which the indicator should download the data in order to draw the histogram. The histogram will be updated with upcoming ticks in real time.

If you set the start date later than the current time, the indicator will draw the histogram only based on the data that will come in real time.

The indicator acts as a strategy since Dukascopy does not provide the indicators with the data required here. Thus, the indicator is launched in the window with the selected instrument. If several windows with the same instrument are opened, the strategy is launched only in one window (always the same one). Unfortunately, choice of the window is not available (restrictions on the Dukascopy platform).

If you want to draw the histogram based on a large amount of data, downloading the data after launching the indicator may take a while depending on the internet connection.

Installation and configuration  


The downloaded file, the easiest way to upload to the directory … / My Documents / JForex / Strategies.

Open strategy tab on JForex platform by Tools -> Strategies.

In strategy tab open the file you downloaded.

Now you can start FxCraft Price Ladder.


  • Instrument – currency pair on whose chart the indicator will be drawn.
  • Shift to the right from the base – the distance from the current bar where the histogram base will be drawn.
  • Scale (volume per bar) – histogram scale determines how much volume fits into the bar height equal to the width of one bar.
  • Start time – the date from which the tick data necessary to draw the histogram will be collected. The date cannot be too distant because the data size will be too large and download will fail (Dukascopy restrictions).
  • MA Period – the period of the mean drawn based on the histogram.
  • Min distance between Max Levels – minimum distance between the lines that designate local maxima.
  • Opacity – transparency of the histogram (scale from 0 to 1).

Change log  

Version 1_06:

Optimize speed of the tool.

Added possibility to choose colors.

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