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Do you have an idea of automated transaction system, but you don’t have enough programming skills?

Come to us, our experts will do it for you quickly, confidentially and professionally.

For many years we have specialized in programming strategies (EA) for trading platforms MetaTrader 4/5 and JForex (Dukascopy). We also programm for cTrader and NinjaTrader platforms. We also develop solutions that combine many different trading platforms. For this purpose, usually we use the Microsoft. NET, which conveniently allows to create multiplatform solutions. If you are using a different environment, please contact us, we will certainly find a solution.

Each order is priced individually, its final cost depends on the complexity of the ordered expert advisor (strategy). Price of a complete programming service for a strategy starts from 50EUR.

We guarantee the confidentiality of the information received from you. At your request, we will sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA).

Do not hesitate, order strategy (EA) today using the form below, which will help you to define the rules of your system.

You can also send an email with questions to:

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Read values (e.g, of indicators) on every:

Read values on every tick. In this solution we read values (e.g, of an indicator) on every incoming tick. Its advantage is fast catching the signal. On the other hand, its disadvantage is that a given value may be alternately achieved or not on incoming ticks. This will generate multiple signals on one bar, for example such as opening or closing a position. In addition, we cannot see this situation while observing historical data.

Read values on every bar. Values from the last bar are ​​read immediately after the start of a new candle. The disadvantage of this solution is that the signal comes with a little delay, but the advantage is its reliability - the values on the finished candle will not change. In addition, we have here compatible signals with the observed data on historical data.

The maximum number of opened positions at the same time.
At the moment when the signal to open new position comes we check if we have opened maximal number of positions. If so, we ignore the signal and do not open new position.

Conditions for opening positions

General description

Conditions for closing positions

General description
 Use Stop Loss Use Take Profit The signal for the opening of the opposite position closes the current position

Opened position management

General description
 Use Trailing Stop
How does Trailing Stop work
We define two parameters. After how many earned pips we begin to pull up the Stop Loss and how far from the current price we pull up a Stop Loss. Stop Loss is constantly pulled up and never moves away.
 Use Break Even
How does Break Even work
We define two parameters. After how many earned pips we set Stop Loss and value compared to the opening price on how we set Stop Loss. Stop Loss is set only once during the meet of the above condition.

Risk management (lot size)

General description
 Constant lot size Percentage risk
How does percentage risk work
We define one parameters. Position size is such, that in any case its loss can't be greater than the specified percentage of the account balance.

Other functionalities

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