SMS notifications of macroeconomic data publications

I have once “invented” a way of getting SMS notifications of macroeconomic data releases. I don’t have to say how helpful this may be.

So what will we need? Just two things: Google Calendar and a data source.

Registering in Google Calendar is easy and doesn’t take long. Data source is not a problem, neither – there are a lot of forex services with calendars in many different formats, including iCalendar.

I recommend you a calendar from It is available at

Once we have registered in Google Calendar, we navigate to settings (using the link in the upper right corner) and then to the “Mobile setup” tab. We fill our phone number and process with verification.

After finishing this stage we go to the “Calendars” tab. In the bottom part of the window in “Other calendars” section we click the “Add calendar” button. In the form that appears we go to the “Add by URL” tab. In the “Public calendar address” field we enter the address of the FXStreet calendar or any other of your choice. After accepting we are taken to the calendar settings window. Then we go to the “Notifications” tab and click the “Add a remainder” link. We choose “SMS” from the list and we set how early we want to be notified before each event. We save it… and that’s all!

The drawbacks of this solution

This solution isn’t perfect, it has a few cons:

  • We get SMS messages about the events in New Zealand or Japan in the middle of the night (“Money never sleeps, pal” :P)
  • We get more than one message in case there are many data releases at the same time

Anyway, it’s better to know more than less ;)

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