Where to find information about macroeconomic data publications

As I promised, along with the announcement of the end of publishing the agenda of macroeconomic data releases, I give you a short review of portals providing such informtion.

Among Polish portals, Stooq.pl calendar is worth noting. Data is shown in a clear way, we can find dates of world macroeconomic situation publications as well as the agenda of Warsaw Stock Exchange companies and information about the non-trading days. Unfortunately, their calendar doesn’t contain information about every publication.

Much better “informed” service is DailyFX. We will find all publications there, grouped by their importance. An interesting feature is filtering – we can choose events of a specified importance or currency pairs we are interested in.

Another interesting calendar is the one provided by Forex Factory. It offers similiar functionality to DailyFX, but it also allows you to set user time zone so the publication hours are displayed for your time zone, not for GMT, as in other services.

Many other services could be mentioned. If you find anything interesting, I encourage you to share it in comments to this entry.

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