FxCraft Hammer/Hanging Man

FxCraft Hammer/Hanging Man
  • Marks bar fomations on chart
  • Recognizes hammer formation
  • Recognizes hanging man formation
  • Informs about trend change
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Indicator finds the following formations which suggest a possible trend inversion:

Hanging MFxCraft Hanging Manan formation – suggesting a possible trend inversion from increasing to decreasing

Hammer formation – suggesting a possible trend inversion from decreasing to increasing

FxCraft Hammer

Licence FxCraft Hammer/Hanging Man

Installation and configuration  

Installation: Copy the indicator to the subfolder /experts/indicators of  the MetaTrader folder.

Parameters description:

  • lower_shadow – Minimal percentage of lowet shadow in candle.
  • length – Minimal length of a candle in points.
  • checkPrevious – Number of candles before potential formation, which have Low (High) price higher (lower) than Low (High) price of hammer (hanging man). If this parameter equals 0 then this condition is omitted.
  • trendMethod – two possible values:


0 – without checking,

1 –  fractal method.


Is it possible to order an indicator which recognizes other bar formations?

Yes, please send us a message with description of bar formation to orders@fxcraft.biz.


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