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FxCraft JForex Copier
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  • Reliability
  • Ability to copy many to many
  • Simple in use
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The tool is used to copy orders between accounts on the JForex (Dukascopy) platforms.

It is compatible with our copier FxCraft MT4 Copier so you can copy the order between JForex and MT4.

The copier consists of two files: FxCraftMaster (Master) and FxCraftSlave (Slave).

You start Master on an account which you want to copy orders from, whereas Slave on the account where orders are supposed to be copied on.

The product contains all necessary options that are needed for managing copied orders. At the same time, it’s simple and intuitive in use.

Additionally, it is characterised by unusually short time of coping orders process.

The tool can be used as a Strategy or as a Plugin.

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Product features  


You start Master on the base account, it means the one you want to copy orders from.

The basic parameter is a port number (e.g. 12987). The same port number must be written in Salve, so that it knows which Master copy orders from.

You can start a couple of Masters with the different port numbers and a few Slaves by connecting them with the chosen Masters.

In the “Copy order only with prefix” parameter you can choose an orders’ prefix which Master can copy. The prefix is taken from the order label (e.g. FxCraft Manual Trader has a default assigned prefix FMT). Master will be transfering orders only with the assigned prefix. If you leave an empty space, all the orders will be copied.


You start Slave on the account which orders are supposed to be copied on. If you start a couple of Slaves on one account, each of them should have a different value in a “Slave Label” parameter.

‘Slippage’ determines with what acceptable price shift order can be copied. If the shift is bigger, the order will be rejected.


The copier enables four versions of order size coping:

  1.  “AsInMaster” – size of the copied order is the same as in Master’s.
  2. “SetSelfSize” – size of the copied order given manually permanently in the parameter “Self lot size”.
  3.  “PercentageOfRisk” – size of the copied order will be counted so that while closing position on Stop Loss not to lose more than given capital percentage. The value will be calculated according to the formula:  (Balance*Risk-commission)/(SL*PipValue). We give the capital percentage in the parameter “Risk [%]”, whereas we give capital in the parameter  “Equity to count risk” or when we write 0, there will be taken account’s capital to the calculation. Attention: to carry out the described calculation copied order must have StopLoss. If it doesn’t have it, order will be copied with the size of lot given in the parameter  “Self lot size”.
  4.  “RatioOfMaster” – size of the copied order is as in Master’s but multiplied by the constant given in the  “Lot size Ratio of Master” parameter (e.g. 0.5 – then the copied orders will be twice smaller). Sizes of the copied orders multiplied by the given value are rounded to the closest possible value.

“How long re-submit order after REJECT [s]:” prameter determines how many seconds the tool is about to renew rejected copied order. The order can be rejected e.g. because of to large price shift (slippage).

The copier also enables you to copy pending orders as instant orders (at market). Then pending orders aren’t copied but in a moment of filling pending order at market in Master’s, order is copied as immediately opened. We switch that option on with the use of  “Copy Pending like @MKT” parameter.

In “Master’s Port” parameter we set the port number, on which works Master from which we want to copy orders.

In “Master’s IP:” parameter we write the IP address, on which Master works.  If you start Master and Slave on the same computer, you have to write “localhost”. If Master works on the different computer (for exmple in the home network), you have to write the appropriate IP address of the computer on which Master works. It should be the static IP address.


Copy orders between JForex and MT4:

FxCraft JForex Copier is compatible with our copier FxCraft MT4 Copier so you can copy orders between JForex (Dukascopy) and MT4 .

To Copy orders from JForex to MT4  just download our product FxCraft MT4 Copier and on MT4 platform use only FxCraftMT4Slave, and on JForex use Master from FxCraft JForex Copier.

No need to purchase separate license, because the license applies to Master file and the Slave is free.

Similarly, if you want to copy orders from MT4 to JForex simply purchase a license for FxCraft MT4 Copier, while FxCraft JForex Slave can be used for free.

To copy orders between platforms JForex and MT4 it is enough to enter the same port in both tools.

Installation and configuration  

Extract the downloaded archive. You find there are two versions of the program to run as a strategy or as a plugin.

Strategy file, the easiest way to upload to the directory … / My Documents / JForex / Strategies, and the plugin file to … / My Documents / JForex / Plugins

Then, to run the program as a strategy,  open strategy tab on JForex platform by Tools -> Strategies.

In the Strategy tab we open the previously downloaded program file. If it’s an account that is supposed to be Master, we open FxCraftMasterStrategy file. If it’s a Slave account, on which the orders are supposed to be  copied on, we open FxCraftSlaveStrategy file.

To run program as a plugin in the “Workspace” right-click in the “Plugins” and select “Attach”. If it’s an account that is supposed to be Master, we open FxCraftMasterPlugin file. If it’s a Slave account, on which the orders are supposed to be  copied on, we open FxCraftSlavePlugin file. Run the plugin by clicking on it with the right mouse button and select “Activate”.

Now, on the chosen accounts, we can start first Master and then Slave.


I would like to copy orders from one account to a few accounts. Is it possible?

Yes. You must start Master on the account from which the orders are supposed to be copied from. Next, you start Slave on the accounts where you want to copy orders. It is important to write the same port which was written in Master in the parameters.

How to copy orders from many accounts to many accounts?

You can start any number of Masters (but each of them has to have a different port number) and any number of Slaves, which you assign to the chosen Masters by the appropriate port number.

I would like to add my own functionality to FxCraft JForex Copier. Is it possible?

Of course. We can adjust  FxCraft JForex Copier to your individual needs.  Write us at orders@fxcraft.biz and we will find a solution.

Change log  

Version 1_03:

Implemented changes allow copy the orders, which are provided for free by the signal providers of FX Community (Dukascopy).

Version 1_04:

A possibility to copy the reverse order (sell instead of buy).

A possibility to use the copier as a Plugin on JForex platform.

Fixed bugs on partial closing positions.

Version 1_05:

Version compatible with our MT4 FxCraft Copier. It allows you to copy orders between accounts JForex -> MT4 and MT4 -> JForex!

Introduced to monitor pending orders and workaround to Dukacopy bug.

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