FxCraft JForex Pipsometer

FxCraft JForex Pipsometer
  • Number of open orders
  • The status of all positions
  • Protected number of Pips
  • Realized number of Pips
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This indicator display the balance of currently open positions. It shows the following information in the upper right corner of the window:

  • Number of open long positions and their overall size
  • Number of open short positions and their overall size
  • Summary of all positions (in pips and in account currency)
  • Number of secured pips – i.e. the number of profit/loss pips in case of stop losses executions, e.g. when a position has 70 pips of profit with a trailing stop set to 20 pips, then the number of secured pips is 50
  • Realized number of pips – profit/loss of all positions closed the same day in pips and in account currency

This indicator works as a strategy.

Licence FxCraft JForex Pipsometer

Installation and configuration  


The downloaded file, the easiest way to upload to the directory … / My Documents / JForex / Strategies.

Open strategy tab on JForex platform by Tools -> Strategies.

In strategy tab open the file you downloaded.

Now you can start FxCraft Pipsometer (JForex).

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