FxCraft Pipsometer

FxCraft Pipsometer
  • Number of open orders
  • Balance of open orders
  • Balance of closed orders
  • Number of secured points
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FxCraft Pipsometer is an indicator showing the balance of currently open positions.

FxCraft pipsometer

It shows information such as:

  • Number of open long orders
  • Number of open short orders
  • Overall balance of all positions (in points)
  • Number of secured points (the number in the bottom left) – it is a number of profit/loss pips in case of stop losses executions, eg. if a position has a 70 points profit with a trailing stop of 20 points, then its number of secured points is 50 – that’s what we will get if the stop loss is executed at the current level
  • Number of realized points (the number in the bottom right) – it is a profit/loss in points from all positions closed the same day

Licence FxCraft Pipsometer

Installation and configuration  

Installation: Copy the indicator to the subfolder /experts/indicators of  the MetaTrader folder.

Parameters description:

  • allSymbols – decides whether to display the information about orders only with the current symbol (allSymbols set to false), or for all symbols (allSymbols set to true).
  • position_intelligent – intelligent matching position on the chart. It works if it is set to “true”. Otherwise, the indicator is in the lower left corner.
  • rightCollOffset – distance of the right column from the rest of the indicator.
  • colorPositions – color of information about opened short and long positions.
  • colorRest – color of the other dispayed information.

Change log  

Version 1.1

  • Intelligent mode, which matches indicator position such that it does not coincide with chart, was added.
  • Indicator is adjusted to brokers which offer 5 digits quotes.

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