FxCraft Pitchfork Indicator

FxCraft Pitchfork Indicator
  • Determines channels and trends
  • Draws Median Line
  • Precision
  • Automatization
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FxCraft Pitchfork Indicator (Median Line) facilitates the determination of the median on the graph automatically or semi-automatically on the basis of local extremes determined by the type indicator ZigZag.

The main advantage is a significant acceleration of determining the desired formation in real time present or past using keyboard shortcuts.

An additional advantage is the full precision of anchor points as opposed to manual tools, which are subject to error selected points on the graph by the user.

FxCraft Pitchfork Indicator (Median Line) is an indicator, which was created in collaboration with a group of analysts and traders EaFx (www.eaforex.pl)

We encourage you to read the full User Manual and to download a trial version that can be used without restriction for 10 days for free.

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Product features  

You have the following keyboard shortcuts that change the status indicator when it is added to the graph, and the graph is active.

  • Type – change Pitchfork’a by additional formulas
    • N – Pitchfork Normal
    • T - Pitchfork T (A point based on the average value between A-B or A-C)
    • J – Pitchfork JeromeSchiff (by Dr Andrews’s student, which was Jerome Schiff)
  • LiveRedraw – change the designation of the auto-refresh for new candles
    • L – ON/auto (adjustment to the newly created formation live and automatically)
    • M – OFF/manual (adjustment to the newly created manually formation and preservation of
      historical formation)
    • B – REFRESH/REDRAW BY BUTTON b (refreshes the data for the indicator)
  • Determination of the point A – moving the anchor point
    • A – Left, S – Right, D – RESET Point A
  • Determination of the point B – moving the anchor point
    • Q – Left, W – Right, E – RESET Point B
  • Determination of the point C – moving the anchor point
    • Z – Left, X – Right, C – RESET Point C
  • Determination of points ABC – shift the entire formation (same abbreviations)
    • V – Left, F – Right, R – RESET Points ABC
    • < – Left, > – Right
    • , – Left, . – Right
  • Timing1 (A-B)
    • U – OFF/-, I – ON/+ (push multiply this shortcut to delete/add more lines)
  • Timing2 (B-C)
    • O – OFF/-, P – ON/+ (push multiply this shortcut to delete/add more lines)
  • Warning Lines
    • [ – OFF/-, ] – ON/+ (push multiply this shortcut to delete/add more lines)
  • Pitchfork2
    • H – OFF, G – ON

System requirements  

Requires installed .NET Framework 4.5 or later

On the most today Windows operating systems it is installed by default.

Installation and configuration  

The downloaded zip file should be unpacked. Then, copy the FxCraft_Pitchfork_Indicator.dll file into the /MT4_Directory/MQL4/Libraries directory and place the FxCraft_Pitchfork_Indicator.ex4 file in the /MT4_Directory /MQL4/Indicators directory.

The easiest way to open MT4_Directory is to click File -> Open Data Folder on the MetaTrader 4 platform.

After placing the files in appropriate directories restart the MetaTrader 4 platform. Now the FxCraft Pitchfork Indicator will be ready to run. You will find it in the Navigator window on the MetaTrader 4 platform.

To start the FxCraft Pitchfork Indicator on the selected currency pair drag and drop it onto the desired chart.

During the launch of the FxCraft Pitchfork Indicator, a window with parameters will appear. Make sure that the option ”Allow DLL imports” is selected.


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Licence type Price in EUR
Licence for 1 month 19
Licence for 3 months 30
Licence for 6 months 40
Licence for 1 year 50
Perpetual licence 80
Trial version 0 Download and try!

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