FxCraft Trend Catcher Line

FxCraft Trend Catcher Line
  • Based on two averages
  • Indicates the arrangements of two averages
  • Draws dots at the intersection of averages
  • Ability to show alert
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The indicator draws a line, colored accordingly to the moving average breaking from another moving average channel.
To make it morFxCraft Trend Catcher Linee clear: we draw any moving average and we specify an area of +-N points from this average. If the second average leaves this area, then the indicator line will get a blue color for a break up or a red color for a break down. Yellow color is used when the second average stays in the channel area.

In addition, the indicator draws dots for easy visual identification of changes as well as to simplify the EA read procedures.

Licence FxCraft Trend Catcher Line

Installation and configuration  

Installation: Copy the indicator to the subfolder /experts/indicators of  the MetaTrader folder.

Parametrs description:

  • ma_period_1 – first average period.
  • ma_period_2 – second average period.
  • ma_shift_1 – shift of the first average.
  • ma_shift_2 – shift of the second average.
  • ma_price_1 – applied price of the first average.
  • ma_price_2 – applied price of the second average..
  • ma_method_1 – method of the first average.
  • ma_method_2 – method of the second average.
  • deviation – distance between the channel border and the average.
  • show_dots -specifies whether to show entry dots.
  • show_also_notrade_dots – specifies whether to show dots when returning to the channel.
  • enable_alerts – specifies whether to display alerts when color changes.


Is it possible to change moving average to another indicator?

Yes, please send us a message to orders@fxcraft.biz.

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