FxCraft Visual Order Editor

FxCraft Visual Order Editor
  • easy position management
  • stop loss and take profit modification
  • trailing stop
  • break even
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FxCraft visual order editor allows for easy and intuitive position management by dragging the entry, SL or TP level lines on the chart.

After applying it to the chart, it draws horizontal lines, which you can move to easily and intuitively modify your orders – you only need to choose a line, for instance a stop loss and drag it to the desired level – it’s fast, intuitive and graphical.

In the same way it is possible to modify take profit and pending orders entry levels.

Additional functionality is a break even line – after setting it, when the price crosses it, your order will be secured – stop loss will be moved so as to assure that there will be no loss in case of a market reversal. Break even functionality is activated by setting use_be to true and setting default BE level.

Next interesting feature is a cancel level line. After setting it, when the price crosses it, pending order will be cancelled. It allows to obtain the functionality similiar to an “one cancels another” order. Cancel level functionality is activated by setting use_cl to true and setting the default cancel level.

We encourage you to read full description and sample scenarios.

FxCraft Visual Order Editor is for free in full version. We encourage you to download.

Product is based on Luktom Visual Order Editor. Below, we present a short introducing video.

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Product features  

  • EA can work in both synchronous and asynchronous modes depending on the use_timer parameter. When set to true, EA checks every second if there was any modification of any order. When set to false, checking is done for every tick. It’s worth noting that when use_timer is set to true, changing the EA parameters is not possible – you have to delete it and apply to the chart once again.
  • It’s not a good idea to launch this EA for the same symbol on two different charts – changing the SL/TP level on one of them will cause this level to “jump” between the level set on the first chart and the level from the second chart.

Change log  

From version 1.5, in case of entering market orders, the default level for the close part function is the one set by cp_closedlevel parameter. This change does not affect pending orders – for them the default level is set by cp_level parameter.


From version 1.6.2, when paremeter [showOLforOpenOrders] is set true, FVOE shows open level line also for open orders.

This is a significant change if we want to use FVOE on the new version MetaTrader 4, so as not to collide with the new features on the platform.

Please turn off in MT4: tools -> options -> charts -> show trade levels

Then when you set the [showOLforOpenOrders] = true, and set in the chart options “show object descriptions” everything will work as before.


In version 1.6.3 flashing pending order line bug was fixed.

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