FxCraft Weekly Fibo

FxCraft Weekly Fibo
  • Draws Fibonacci levels
  • Levels are determined on the basis of maximum and minimum prices in the last week
  • Indicates the start of the week
  • Ability to manually adjust levels
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The indicator draws Fibonnacci levels on the chart using last week minimum and maximum levels as a reference points.

FxCraftweeklyfiboAdditionally, it draws vertical line at the beginning of the current week.

Licence FxCraft Weekly Fibo

Installation and configuration  

Installation: Copy the indicator to the subfolder /experts/indicators of  the MetaTrader folder.

Parameters description:

  • lineColor – color of drawing net.

In addition, the indicator allows to configure the colors of displayed lines using the parameters tab. You can edit the levels in source code by modifying the levels array:

double levels[]={

Change log  

Version 1.1.

Method of  displaying line was changed to Fibonacci levels.

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