Information about the Company:

The online shop at is operated by FxCraft Jan Jabłoński and is headquartered in Nowy Sącz at ul. Jana Kochanowskiego 5; NIP no.: 7343282510; REGON no.: 122802908, e-mail:, phone no.: +48692436167.


Shop – an online shop at that sells products in its offer via the Internet;

Client ‒ a natural or legal person purchasing in the Shop;

Bank transfer ‒ payment made by the Client in a bank from a bank account or an online account or at the post office;

Electronic transfer ‒ payment made by the Client from an online bank account via PayPal, DotPay or other online payment systems;


1. The Shop sells licences for its products via the Internet. The products for which a licence is sold may be downloaded from the website of the Shop

2. Information about the Shop is available at The offer presented by the Shop on its websites is not an offer within the meaning of Art. 66 of the Civil Code.

3. Orders may be placed via the Shop’s website

4. The main requirement for accepting an order is specifying at the time of placing the order the relevant number or login to the brokerage account where the product for which a licence that is being purchased will run.

5. The entered number or the brokerage account name is used solely to verify the validity of the purchased license.

6. Upon the Client’s request, the order is billed.

7. All prices displayed online are gross prices.

8. The price displayed for each product is binding at the time of placing an order by the Client.

9. The Shop reserves the right to change prices of the offered products, introduce new products into our online Shop’s offer, start and cancel promotions on our website or amend them.

10. Efficient and safe shopping requires installation of a web browser. The shop operates best under browsers such as: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera.

11. Payment for the product may be made by the Client to the bank account FxCraft Jan Jabłoński specified at or via the online payment system available on the Shop’s website. Credit card and e-transfer transactions are executed via

12. FxCraft Jan Jabłoński may agree other specific terms and payment methods with the Client. In such case, the conditions and payment methods specified in the order confirmed by FxCraft Jan Jabłoński as adopted to implementation and compliance with any additional requirements relating to the agreed terms or payment method (including installment sale) are binding.

13. The Client who concluded a distance agreement may withdraw from it in accordance with applicable regulations within 10 calendar days from the date of purchase. The statement of withdrawal from the agreement should be posted by registered mail.

14. When withdrawing from the agreement, the Client is obliged to keep secret any information which he/she accessed during the period of using the product.

15. In case of the withdrawal referred to in section 13, the Shop guarantees a refund of the product purchase price. Money will be returned promptly, within a period not exceeding 14 days, to the bank account specified by the Client.

16. Since the products for which a licence is sold are used among others to conclude transactions on financial markets or facilitate such transactions, prior to their use one should be fully aware of the risks and costs related with trading on financial markets as it is the most risky form of investment.

17. FxCraft Jan Jabłoński bears no liability for any trading losses or other losses incurred as a result of using the products for which a licence is sold, even if these losses result from faulty or unexpected performance of the product.

18. FxCraft Jan Jabłoński bears no liability for errors, technical outages, lack of quotations or lack of access to the broker that enables the usage of the product for which a licence is sold.

19. FxCraft Jan Jabłoński and the Client are subject to a licence agreement posted next to each product at the website of the online Shop.

20. Matters not covered by these Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the Civil Code and the Act on specific conditions of consumer sale and amendments to the Civil Code as well as the Act on protection of certain consumer rights and liability for damage caused by a dangerous product.

21. When placing an order, the Client must accept the Terms and Conditions and the Licence Agreement. Otherwise, it is not possible to place the order.

22. By accepting the Terms and Conditions, the Client declares that he/she has read and accepted the privacy policy and the disclaimer posted at the website of the Shop.

23. The shop operator does not bear any liability for any outages in using the online shop resulting from technical problems (maintenance, inspection, replacement of equipment, etc.) or other reasons beyond its control.

24. The Terms and Conditions come into force on the day when they are posted at and are valid for an indefinite period of time.

25. The shop operator reserves the right to amend the Terms and Conditions for important reasons, in particular in the event of changes in legal regulations, principles of functioning of the Internet network or significant market changes. FxCraft Jan Jabłoński will notify of the planned change on the Shop’s website in advance. All purchases which started to be processed before these Terms and Conditions came into force will be fulfilled according to the rules of the previous version of the Terms and Conditions.



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