Knowledge base JForex


How to run a strategy or an indicator on JForex plaform (Dukascopy)?

A short tutorial, which will tell you how to run a strategy or an indicator for a JForex platform (Dukascopy).

Drawing objects in the chart window on JForex platform (Dukascopy)

Often, we would like to draw different types of objects (lines, text) ion the chart – learn how to do it on the JForex platform.

Knowledge base MetaTrader 4


Testing strategies (EA) on Renko/Range Bar charts on the MetaTrader 4 platform

In this article I will present a simple method of testing expert advisors on offline charts (e.g. Renko, Range Bar) on MetaTrader…

About Expert Advisors hanging the system

Learn how to allocate one processor core for Metatrader to access the computer easily during the time-consuming optimization.

Why your Expert Advisor doesn’t work?

The article describes common mistakes which are made during launching the strategy. This part is recommended to beginners having little familiarity with the platform.

Remotely controlled Expert Advisor

Find out a solution which enables you to change EA parameters from the remote computer without any need of using such methods as Remote Desktop.

News trading – part 2: Opening positions

In the second part of the news trading series I will discuss the basic ways of entering positions and the issue of their aggressiveness.

News trading – part 1: Introduction

An introduction to trading involving setting position on the market just before an important macroeconomic event that causes large fluctuation of price.

Where to find information about macroeconomic data publications

Find out where you can find some free information about important macroeconomic events that you can include in your strategy.

MetaTrader and several screens

How to run MetaTrader on two monitors if they are of different sizes and resolutions?

SMS notifications of macroeconomic data publications

Do you want to receive text messages informing you about important macroeconomic events? Read this article and learn how to do it.

How to make the tester run faster?

The article presents a simple method of speeding up the working of the MetaTrader tester in the visual mode by removing unnecessary objects.

Trading platform Dealbook 360

The review of the DealBook 360 trading platform and its comparison with the currently most popular platform – MetaTrader 4.

MQL4 code repository

Measuring order execution time

Check how much time passes from sending an order to server to receive information whether it has been successfully completed.

Code execution independent of incoming ticks

The article describes the independent from incoming ticks way of making the code, which is alternative to included in MT4 mechanism.

MetaTrader 4 and data export to a file

The article provides an answer to the popular question how to export data from MT4 to files so that they can be analysed e.g, in Excel.

Easy way of adding comments to the chart

As we know, the default mechanism of adding comments to the chart in MQL is uncomfortable. Learn the functions that will avoid these inconveniences.

Counting orders – version with references

Let’s get back to the previous subject of counting orders in the market depth. This time we present an approach based on references.

Trading in specified hours

Do you want to be able to specify when your expert advisor can trade? Meet an easy way to reduce trading hours of your EA.

MetaQuotesLanguage and references

Unfortunately, MQL doesn’t support object oriented programming and it has no structures either. However, we can use the mechanism of passing parameters by a reference.

How to set breakpoints in the tester

The article presents a trick which enables you to stop the tester in the visual mode in the chosen moment.

6 useful MetaQuotesLanguage mini-functions

Several small but very useful functions that allow you to make the code shorter, more elegant and also more readable.

Easy arrows drawing on the chart

The function allows you to add to the chart an arrow pointed up or down easily. It can be used, e.g. to increase the readability of the incoming signals.

Finding the closing time of the last position

Check how can you get the closing time of the last order, which is of the specific type and has the appropriate magic number.

Finding the last position opening time

Check how can you get the opening time of the last order, which is of the specific type and has the appropriate magic number.

Automatic setting of stop losses

The function described in the article enables you to set the stop loss for orders automatically, which is useful especially in trading with ECN brokers.

Normalization of the position size

Does the broker rejects your order sometimes? Perhaps the problem is an inadequate size of the position.

Closing orders after a specified number of bars

Do you want to close an order after the specified number of candles? Find the answer in this article how to do it.

Counting orders in the order board

Do you want to check how many opened positions of a certain magic number do you have? Use the function below!

Code execution at the bar opening

We often want to do a single event (e.g, send an order) at the opening of a new candle. Find out how to do it easily.

Indicators with dots and arrows

Learn how to create indicators, which draw an arrow or a dot at the important point e.g, the intersection of moving averages.

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