FxCraft MT5 Copier

FxCraft MT5 Copier
  • Speed of coping orders process
  • Reliability
  • Ability to copy many to many
  • Ability to copy orders to MT4 and JForex platform
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The tool is used to copy orders between accounts on the MetaTrader5 (MT5) platforms.

It is compatible with our copier FxCraft MT4 Copier and FxCraft JForex Copier so you can copy the order between MT5, MT4 and JForex (Dukascopy).

The copier consists of two files: FxCraftMT5Master (Master) and FxCraftMT5Slave (Slave) and the corresponding dll files.

Run Master on the account from which you want to copy orders, whereas Slave on the account where orders are supposed to be copied on.

The product contains all necessary options that are needed for managing copied orders. In addition, it’s simple and intuitive in use.

Additionally, it is characterised by unusually short time of coping orders process.


License to FxCraft MT5 Copier is assigned to the MT5 broker account number (and works only on it). The license is required only by the MasterSlave can be run on any number of different MT5 accounts. You can try each of our tools for free for 10 days. Download and try!

Licence FxCraft MT5 Copier

Product features  


Run Master on the base account, it means the one you want to copy orders from.

The basic parameter is the port number (e.g. 12987). The same port number must be written in Slave. This number will tell Slave from which Master orders should be copied by him

You can run several Masters with different port numbers, and several Slaves by connecting them with the chosen Masters.

In parameter checkPendingAllTime we choose whether we need to copy pending orders all the time. For example we opened some pending order, next run the copier and if the parameter checkPendingAllTime equals true, then this order will also be copied.

Parameter sendCloseInfoForSeconds species how many seconds Master will sent information about the closing of the order (in case of problems with the Internet connection).

In parameter copiedSymbols we determine from which symbol we want to copy the orders. We have two options: either all symbols (All_Symbols) or only selected (Only_Listed_Below), which should be listed in the parameter listOfCopiedSymbols. Symbols should be separated by commas.



Run Slave on the account from orders are supposed to be copied on. If you start a couple of Slaves on one account, each of them should have a different value in a nick parameter.

In the host parameter we set IP address of the host on which Master is running. If the Master and Slave run on the same machine, enter “localhost“. If the Master is running on another computer (for example, VPS or in home network), you must enter the corresponding IP address of the computer on which Master is running. This should be a static IP address.

In the port parameter we set the port number on which the Master is running, from which you want to copy orders (the same port that we have entered in the Master).

In copiedOrderSymbol parameter determine whether we want to copy the order from all the symbols which sends Master (AllSymbols) or only from symbol from chart on which we run Slave (CurrentSymbolOnly).

If symbols with your broker have a suffix (eg. .stp, .lmx, +) Then in parameter symbolSufix we need to enter the suffix.

Slippage parameter define which is allowable price offset during opening copied order. If the offset is greater, the order will be rejected.

Copier also provides the ability to copy pending orders as a market orders. Then the pending orders are not copied, there are copied at the time when pending order enter into the market in the Master. We turn on this option using the copyPendingLikeMKT parameter.

We can also disable copy StopLosses and TakeProfits in copySLAndTP parameter . Then the order will be closed when original order is closed in the Master.

By checking doNotCopyIfLotLessThenMinLot parameter  to true orders which lot size is less than the minimum lot size on the platform will not be copied.

The copier enables four versions of order size coping. We define them in copiedLotSize parameter:

  1.  AsInMaster – size of the copied order is the same as in Master’s.
  2. SetSelfSize – size of the copied order is set manually in selfLotSize parameter.
  3.  PercentageOfRisk – size of the copied order will be calculated so that while closing position on Stop Loss we do not lose more than given percentage of equity. The value will be calculated according to the formula:  (Equity*Risk-commission)/(SL*PipValue). We set the percentage of equity in risk [%] parameter, whereas equity we set in the equityToRisk parameter or if we write 0, there will be taken account’s equity to the calculation. Attention: to carry out the described calculation copied order must have StopLoss. If it doesn’t have it, order will be copied with the lot size given in the selfLotSize parameter.
  4.  RatioOfMaster – size of the copied order is as in Master’s but multiplied by the constant set in the LotSizeRatioOfMaster parameter (e.g. 0.5 – then the copied orders will be twice smaller). Sizes of the copied orders multiplied by the given value are rounded to the closest possible value.


Copy orders between MT5 and MT4 or JForex:

FxCraft MT5 Copier is compatible with our copier FxCraft MT4 Copier and FxCraft JForex Copier so you can copy orders between MT5 and MT4 or JForex (Dukascopy).

To Copy orders from MT5 to MT4 or JForex just download our product FxCraft MT4 Copier or FxCraft JForex Copier and on MT4 or JForex platform use only FxCraftSlave, and on MT5 use Master from FxCraft MT5 Copier.

No need to purchase separate license, because the license applies to Master file and the Slave is free.

Similarly, if you want to copy orders from MT4 or JForex to MT5 simply purchase a license for FxCraft MT4 Copier or  FxCraft JForex Copier, while FxCraft MT5 Slave can be used for free.

To copy orders between platforms MT5 and MT4 or JForex it is enough to enter the same port in both tools.

System requirements  

Requires installed .NET Framework 4.5 or later

On the most today Windows operating systems it is installed by default.

Installation and configuration  

Unpack the downloaded archive. File EA FxCraftMT5Master.ex5 or FxCraftMT5Slave.ex5, upload to MT5_Directory/MQL5/Experts, FxCraftMT5Master.dll or FxCraftMT5Slave.dll filr copy to MT5_Directory/MQL5/Libraries

The easiest way to open MT5_Directory” in Windows Explorer is to select File-> Open Data Folder on the MetaTrader5 platform.

It is necessary to select option ,,Allow Dll Imports” in the Common tab.


I would like to copy orders from one account to a few accounts. Is it possible?

Yes. You must start Master on the account from which the orders are supposed to be copied from. Next, you start Slave on the accounts where you want to copy orders. It is important to write the same port which was written in Master in the parameters.

How to copy orders from many accounts to many accounts?

You can start any number of Masters (but each of them has to have a different port number) and any number of Slaves, which you assign to the chosen Masters by the appropriate port number.

Can I copy of the order between Metatrader 5 and Metatrader 4 or JForex platform ?

Yes, just connect MT5 Master with Slave from FxCraft MT4 Copier or FxCraft JForex Copier by entering the same port.

I would like to add my own functionality to FxCraft MT5 Copier. Is it possible?

Of course. We can adjust  FxCraft MT5 Copier to your individual needs.  Write us at orders@fxcraft.biz and we will find a solution.

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